Parents & Friends Association

The St Mary’s P&F Association meets Wednesday of Week 3 and 7 each term at 6pm. These meetings are open to all parents and friends of children at St Mary’s Primary School. A part from being an important fundraising body, this association is also considered to be a valuable consultative and advisory group to assist and support the Principal and school. The Principal reserves the right of the final decision in matters relating to the latter but nevertheless greatly values the opinions of the parent body. 

In addition to promoting the general school aims, the P&F is involved in our school in practical ways:

  • Social events are arranged to include all families
  • Fundraising (to help provide up-to-date resources and technology)
  • Decisions on allocation of funds (in consultation with the Principal and staff)
  • Maintenance and improvements to school buildings and resources 

Parent involvement in the P&F ensures that the school remains well-equipped and that every child’s education benefits. Attendance and participation in the many and varied activities of the P&F Association will give parents a valuable insight to the operations and routines of not only St Mary’s but also of the Catholic education system in general. You will find that meetings are enjoyable, informal and a good way of meeting other parents.

We hope to see you there!