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Payment of School and Resource Fees

Federal and State Governments make a substantial contribution to the cost of the Catholic School, recognising the value of the education we give.

But in no way does this cover our costs and running expenses.

The Catholic Community supports its school and parents meet their school tuition fees to cover some of the running costs of the school.

Tuition, Building and Resource fees are charged at St Mary’s School for all pupils. Tuition fees and Enrolment Fee are set by the Catholic Schools Office from advice from the Diocesan Financial Council and the Diocesan Education Council, and are approved by the Bishop. The Family School Building Levy is set by the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle to cover the cost of school buildings; this fee is set on a family basis. The School sets a Resource Fee which covers provision of technology, classroom supplies, visiting school performances, local bus travel and sports coaching.

The tuition fee has a 10% fee reduction for each child in a two child family, 20% for each child in a three child family, 40% for each child in a four child family and 50% for each child in a five child family.

The School Fees for 2015 for one child will be $1107.00. The Family School Building Levy is $639.00. The Resource Fee is $252.00 per child. The School account is calculated over three terms (Term 1, 2, & 3).


School Fees

Family School Building Levy

Resource Fee


This is calculated Per 3 Terms.

One Child






Two child family





Three child family







The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable. Other fees are refundable providing a term’s notice of leaving is given. If a student departs part way through a term then no refund will be issued.

St Mary’s School operates at a managed resource level, which seeks to bring into balance the education of the child and the ability of the family to contribute to the cost of this education. This principle is a major aspect of determining the level of fees asked from families for the education of their children.

Whilst accepting the importance of prudent fiscal management and follow-up in the school, St Mary’s will be reminded of its responsibility to make an appropriate pastoral response regarding the collection of fees to those families who have difficulty in meeting their school fee commitments.

No child will be penalised in the school when their parents have communicated an earnest difficulty in paying school fees.

At the time of seeking enrolment, parents will receive a brief outline of arrangements regarding school fees, school building contribution levies and other charges. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on families with limited financial resources, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle offer a different tuition fee rate for ‘means tested’ low income Health Care / Pension Card holders. The rate provides a discount of 50% off the tuition fee charged for the first child at each scholastic year level and therefore is equivalent to the fee for the third child at each year level. The discounted fee covers tuition fees only and the Diocesan Family School & Building Levy and resource / service fees set by each school are additional to this amount. The discount will be applied annually once a parent presents their current Health Care/Pension Card.

It is important to note that financial hardship should not prevent a child from attending a Catholic school. This does not only apply to eligible Health Care / Pension card holders as any families experiencing financial difficulty are entitled to fee assistance. The Principal of the school can be contacted to discuss such matters.

Together with parents, parishioners, parish priests, principals and staff in our schools, we are strongly committed to offering our children and young people outstanding learning environments in which their faith can be nurtured and they can realise their intellectual spiritual and social potential.

All communications between the school and the family regarding school fee payments and concessions will be held in the strictest confidence by both parties. Families are asked to keep in regular contact with the school regarding changing circumstances in fee payment.