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Parents, The First Educators in Time and Importance

A basic principle of Catholic Education is the primacy of the home and in particular, parents in the formation of their children. Parents are the primary educators of their children in both place and importance.

With this in mind, St Mary’s School seeks to actively support the place of parents as the primary educators of their children. The Catholic School aids parents in the Christian formation of their children; it does not replace the position of parents and the family in their role of guiding and forming children.

Truly, Catholic Education is a partnership between the home and the Catholic School. Ultimately, the goal is for teacher and parents to form and strengthen the spirituality, intellectual ability, moral character, personality, physical capacity, emotional presence and social ability of each child.

Parental attitudes and example in the spiritual development of their son or daughter have a primary influence on the development of all lifelong values and practices.

The faith community of the parish school will support the family, not replace it in the endeavours to bring a child to full social, intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and physical maturity.