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Fees Policy


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 Reflection Material

  • St Mary’s School Mission Statement


  • The continued provision of quality Catholic Education for all students at St Mary’s Primary School requires that all parents assume responsibility for the payment of school fees and levies as they fall due.
  • To reduce current outstanding school fees through reasonable and effective credit management.
  • To implement guidelines that will ensure that school fee collection procedures are consistent and equitable.
  • To provide the Parish Priest, Principal and Secretary with a procedure that will bring early attention to those families who may have a problem meeting school fee obligations.
  • To ensure parents are aware that special concessions on school fees are available to those suffering genuine financial hardship.
  • To provide assistance to determine the appropriate level of concessions to be granted in each circumstance so that consistency is maintained.
  • To provide a mechanism which will allow for the collection of outstanding school fees from those parents who do not abide by the policy guidelines.
  • To put in place guidelines that creates an open channel of communication between families, Principal and Parish Priest.
  • To keep school fees as equitable as possible for all parents of children attending St Joseph’s Primary School, thus making Catholic Education more accessible.


  • Parents/Care Givers of students at St Mary’s Primary School have a responsibility and obligation to pay school fees and levies.  By acceptance of enrolment at St Mary’s, Parents/Care Givers acknowledge this responsibility and obligation.
  • No student will be excluded from St Mary’s Primary School because of the financial inability of their parents/care givers to pay the prescribed fees and levies in whole or in part.
  • Concessions to fees and levies may be available to those experiencing genuine financial hardship.  Verification of these circumstances will be required.
  • Persons holding a Health Care Card will be granted concessions as per current CSO policy.


  • At the time of enrolment and/or prior to the end of each school year, Parents/Care Givers will be fully informed of school fees and levies for the coming year.
  • The confidentiality of each family circumstance will be ensured.  Applications for concessions of fees and levies are to be made to and approved by the Principal.
  • Where concessions are granted, the possibility of parents making additional contributions to the school through voluntary work and support should be investigated.
  • Parents whose fees are in arrears and who do seek a fees concession will be subject to fee collection procedures.
  • Where practicable, accounts should be sent out in the second/third week of every term requiring payment within 30 days.
  • All parents with overdue accounts who have not contacted the school with genuine difficulties, should receive a copy of “Urgent Notice – Overdue Account”.
  • If no payment is received or contact made with the school within 14 days of this letter, the matter should be referred to the Principal who will consider any local knowledge and information from the Parish Priest, after which a “Final Demand – Overdue Account” letter should be sent.
  • If no response or reply is following from this letter (with agreed payment schedule organised), fourteen days after it is sent, the Principal will make phone contact to discuss the issue. The purpose of this is to clarify the issue of non-payment of fees and seek to resolve it.
  • If the above procedures have failed to achieve a genuine resolution of the non-payment the Principal may recommend to the Parish Priest that legal or other formal action be taken for the recovery of unpaid fees. The Principal should table the appropriate history and correspondence with the Parish Priest.
  • If the Parish Priest agrees with the recommendation to take legal action, then the Principal shall contact the Head of Financial Services at the Catholic School s Office to arrange collection proceedings.
  • There is to be no hint of dismissal of the child, nor is the child to be disadvantaged in any aspect of his/her schooling, because fees have not been paid.